The Commission presented today the first progress reports on the implementation by the Republic of Moldova and by Ukraine of their respective Action Plans on Visa Liberalisation.

"I know how much visa free travel means to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine", said Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs. "The authorities and the citizens of the two countries have worked intensively to implement their Visa Liberalisation Action Plans and I hope that both the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine will continue building on the good results shown. The visa dialogue is an important vehicle for reforms in areas such as fundamental rights, trafficking in human beings, migration management and organised crime and I strongly encourage the national authorities to continue their hard work”.

’’Mobility and people-to-people contacts are fundamental to promoting mutual understanding, sharing values and establishing stronger relationships between citizens in our countries. Our new response to the European Neighbourhood focuses on providing additional opportunities for mobility and deepening our partnership with civil society. I therefore particularly welcome the advances made by the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in implementing the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan and look forward to continuous progress in this context." said Štefan Füle Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy.

The report for the Republic of Moldova shows that progress has been made in adopting legislation and consolidating the legal framework in important areas such as document security, border management, migration management, asylum, trafficking in human beings, money laundering, and anti-drugs policy. Nevertheless, work still remains to be finalised in other areas, such as data protection, combating organised crime, fight against corruption, and anti-discrimination.

The report for Ukraine highlights progress in adopting legislation in areas such as border management, migration management, fight against corruption, anti-drugs policy, data protection, and money laundering. In other areas such as document security, asylum, combating organised crime, trafficking in human beings and anti-discrimination, there is still work to be done.


Source: http://europa.eu

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